Saturday 31 May 2014

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Love Is A Camera (Video)

You know all those end of year album lists? We wonder when most people start thinking about them? If you’re anything like us (and frankly we hope you’re not) then you started in January. And one of those early contenders that we suspect come December will still be in the running for a place on the list is Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Wanderlust.

Switching from disco-diva towards mature pop songsmith with tunes that are in part inspired by Eastern Europe and fairytales has been a smart move for Sophie. This fantastic new gothic and dark video for Love Is A Camera captures perfectly the essence and style of one of our favourite songs from the album (it’s also her granny’s favourite apparently) with Sophie turning black-witch (a part she plays incredibly well) and capturing more than just the image of unfortunate souls by the power of the lens. At the end as the screams ring out you might even find yourself doing some Russian Cossack dancing.

Sophie Eliis-Bextor - Love Is A Camera (Video)

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