Saturday 17 May 2014

Billie Marten - New Waves

Billie Marten has a very good name. Anyone that could be associated to the legendary Dr and his boots gets our vote. She’s also fourteen; which in a perfect world wouldn’t be an issue, (age, just like sex, race, sexuality etc shouldn’t matter) but hell, what were you doing when you were fourteen? We were hanging around with our mates, kicking a football about and beginning to realise we’d quite like to see girls naked. Billie Marten is being way more productive than that.

Take a listen to Ribbon below and you’ll see why Billie's 'wasted youth' isn't being wasted at all. What starts as a relatively straightforward dusky acoustic journey through the landscape of a city, via guitar picking and soft strums somewhat akin to Laura Marling’s New Romantic, gradually swells with the addition of strings and droplets of piano to something pretty special. As Billie sings of “secrets of the city,” it’s impossible not to be stirred just a little. 

Billie Marten’s debut EP is due on June 23rd. 

Billie Marten - Ribbon 

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