Monday 27 April 2015

Wyldest - Danish Longball

Brit pop is often cited as destroying the original idea of ‘indie’, with the likes of Oasis, Blur, Suede and Pulp turning the concept of such a band getting into the top 10 and being played on daytime radio from a pipe dream into an everyday reality and necessity. Ever since then indie has lost much of its identity, the internet changing that even further, disseminating the tribes to the point where your local town’s ‘indie disco’ night is just as likely to be frequented by lager fuelled Top Shop lads in smart shirts with neat haircuts dancing to The 1975 as it is awkward floppy fringed kids who’ve spent the week sat in their bedrooms listening to Joanna Gruesome.

However, relatively new indie trio Wyldest (previously duo Wildest Dreams when we introduced them to the blogosphere here) with their atmospheric and melancholic music sound very much pre-Britpop and pre-indie-is-for-everyone. Take new song Danish Longball (streaming below). There’s no punch the air chorus, no beery yell along a moment, but instead it sketches out a chiming twinkling space of its own. 

"The song is about an unlikely Scandinavian love affair; listeners can groove or simply reflect on the sadness of the lyrics," explains lead singer Zoe Mead. Take a listen below.

Wyldest - Danish Longball

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