Tuesday 28 April 2015

Avec Sans - Resonate

In the restaurant of pop music where every song and artist is a meal, indie-lad rock would be the meat and two veg, folk music a vegetarian quiche with hummus and salad, and most chart based pop music would be a takeout burger from McDonalds that's been slightly overcooked. 

However, Avec Sans would be a delicious chocolate and chilli ice cream dessert – fire and ice in perfect harmony. Want an example? Take their new song Resonate. The synths are dark and dangerous, brooding with a steely coldness, but lead vocalist Alice is singing of the sky falling away, and your heart bearing her name – pretty passionate and fiery stuff.

Resonate is available to download from the Avec Sans Facebook page (here). Tasty.

Apparently the group was also named band of the year by Dolce and Gabbana, which is kind of cool. Let’s hope they got some free handbags, shoes and perfumes from that that they could flog off on eBay and actually make some money to live on via their music.

Avec Sans - Resonate

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