Friday 17 April 2015

Kassassin Street - To Be Young (Video)

Every time we listen to To Be Young by Kassassin Street we become more convinced of its brilliance. Whether it’s the driving Motorik beat, propelling the song forward towards relentless oblivion, the slowly spreading musical uplift or just that line about “we should have been someone, oh to be young, to be young,” something that probably 90% of the population over 25 could relate to, it hits home deeper every time we hear it. 

So now here’s another opportunity for you to latch on to the band, with their slickest video to date. A dark and disturbing tale of violence and danger, it fits perfectly, particularly the opening scenes of roadways and travel, which hark back to those propulsive trance inducing ideas of the likes of Kraftwerk on Autobahn.

If you're in London tonight and looking for something to do, Kassassin Street play live at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes for a special Remix Show 15th Anniversary party for XFM. Plenty of summer festivals are on the horizon as well.

Kassassin Street - To Be Young (Video)

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