Wednesday 15 April 2015

Aquilo - Better Off Without You

Back in March 2013 a brand new band from the North West of the UK called Aquilo dropped a song into our Soundcloud feed and it fitted perfectly with the lost morning feel of that particular rainy Sunday, so we posted it immediately. That song was called Calling Me. Two years on and Aquilo are preparing a new EP, also titled Calling Me, and from it comes this new peach titled Better Off Without You

Like everything else that Aquilo have done before, Better Off Without You oozes class. Late night sax and warm creamy electronics provide a sort of sad sophisticated and luxuriously languid backing that in lesser hands could just wash over you with a sense of nothingness, but here Tom and Ben make every moment count. 

How do we define Aquilo’s sound?  Ambient pop? Soft electronica? AOR for the James Blake generation? Who cares? We’ll just call it beautiful.

Aquilo - Better Off Without You

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