Wednesday 8 April 2015

Black Honey - Spinning Wheel

Black Honey just uploaded what only the coolest of bands could put out there; a song that sounds like something from the soundtrack of a Quentin Tarantino movie with an indie Nancy Sinattra on vocals. Damn, it’s good; from Izzy’s hollering shriek to those deep spaghetti western twangy guitars, Black Honey has got this stuff down to a fine art. 

The song has a title of course, and that title is Spinning Wheel. If the whole thing sounds familiar, then well done - you’ve been paying attention, because it’s already been featured on the blog just 2 days ago, by way of a crowd sourced video, in our recommendations of bands to see at this year’s Great Escape. Although the chances are that most of you missed that, because as far as we can tell (90% of you) who visited those posts just scanned through quickly to see who we had chosen as our tips and then skipped off elsewhere without pressing play. Such is the ADD disorder that the internet creates.

Let’s hope that this time you stay for the 3 minutes and 25 seconds of this glorious and supremely confident song that pumps and hollers with energy and retro style.

Spinning Wheel forms the other half of the group's new double A side (the other half being the equally excellent Madonna). Black Honey support Superfood in Birmingham tonight (8th April ) and in London at Heaven tomorrow (9th April)

Black Honey - Spinning Wheel

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