Wednesday 1 April 2015

Rebecca Clements - Pure Wasted

The drugs don’t work. Especially when it comes to relationships. Rebecca Clements seems to have learnt this first hand and she breaks it down for us on her new song Pure Wasted. “There’s just too much destruction in your bloodstream,” she sings. “Your paradise is my idea of dying.” She’s right of course. Have you ever met anyone that you’d want to spend a lot of time with when they’re off their face? The reality is human beings are much nicer in the long term without toxicity in their bodies.

If you’re a fan of chiming guitars and stumbling clattering drums with a real live feel to them, (take a band like The Cure as a reference point) then Pure Wasted is one to add to your library of music. Unfussy but raw, particularly lyrically, this one has mood and momentum to take you that bit higher – without any other substances being involved. 

Pure Wasted is available to buy on iTunes now.

Rebecca Clements - Pure Wasted

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