Tuesday 21 April 2015

Laura Doggett - Night Girl (ft Alice Jemima)

Musical Maths (Paper 1) - Breaking More Waves Exam Board - (2 minutes duration)

Take one of our Ones to Watch for 2013.

Add to that one of our Ones to Watch for 2015.

Then divide nearly 3 million Soundcloud plays between the two of them, although not necessarily in equal share.

Take away absolutely nothing.

What’s the answer? 

A Sometimes we have to run with the night, even when there’s a monster waiting in the morning.

B A beautiful dreamy sounding acoustic pop duet that brings together two completely different vocal styles that somehow compliment each other and that has an underlying sense of something a little darker.

C All of our dreams come true.

(Answer = All of them - you can't go wrong with Laura Doggett and Alice Jemima)

It’s great to have this song, and after what has seemed like an impossibly long hiatus, it’s even better to see the re-emergence of Alice Jemima (Was it really 2011 when we first wrote about her? Yes it was.)

Night Girl is taken from Laura's forthcoming 4 track Into The Glass EP, due May 10th, Laura plays London's Xoyo on the 13th May (here). Alice Jemima recently supported Laura on her mini tour of the west of the UK and the tweet below suggests interesting times ahead for Alice.

Laura Doggett - Night Girl (ft Alice Jemima)

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