Thursday 9 April 2015

Meg Myers - Sorry (Video)

You can always rely on Meg Myers for a good quality piece of angry / emotional / scary / mentally unstable video footage to accompany her songs and so as soon as she appears in the video for Sorry, walking through a dark wood alone at night with a baseball bat over her shoulder, you pretty much know that shit is going to go down. And it does. 

“Sorry that I lost our love, without a reason why. Sorry that I lost our love, it really hurts sometimes,” Meg blasts out in the big hooky emotional chorus whilst having a rather er...'smashing' time. 

Relationships eh? They’re rubbish sometimes. There you both are, like happy little lambs skipping around the green grassy fields in springtime, then without knowing why you’re in the slaughterhouse and everything has been ripped apart. The video takes a different track though. Rather than finding Meg portraying the a love interest gone wrong it shows an apparently happy family home that as an adult Meg, for an unknown reason, seeks to destroy. Sad but stirring stuff.

Meg’s now signed to a major label (Atlantic), so let’s keep our fingers crossed that at some point they’ll throw some money at her and she'll come and deliver her jagged little pill of rock and emo-pop music to UK audiences as well as those in the USA. 

Meg Myers - Sorry (Video)

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