Wednesday 1 April 2015

Oh Wonder - Midnight Moon

Whilst Breaking More Waves has been pissing about with stupid April Fools' branded fashion blog posts there’s been a hell of a lot of good new music released. We’re going to have to let some of it slip through the net, it's impossible to cover everything, but there are a few songs that we simply can’t ignore and one of those is the next chapter of Oh Wonder’s one song a month series. This series seems to have taken a life all of its own. Whilst the London duo may not be the first to put out songs in this manner we can’t remember there being such a sense of anticipation for each release as this before. What it has unquestionably shown is that it’s still very possible for an unsigned band (or at least unsigned at the start of the process) to develop a fan base and profile on line, as long as they have one key ingredient - great songs. We’ve written before of how Hype Machine / Blog love doesn’t necessarily equate into ‘real’ fans, but with Oh Wonder’s debut show at London’s prestigious ICA already sold out it shows that it can be done.

So to April’s installment. There’s no fooling around with this one. Midnight Moon is quite devine. Keys, percussion, combined boy-girl vocals, that is all, but all shaped with great easy on the ear songcraft that creates a shiver. The little breakdown at around 2 minutes, before a surging electronic growl develops and Jospehine and Anthony sing ‘we are going over’ over and over gets us every time. Is this the best in the series yet? Quite possibly.

If you haven’t already done so maybe it’s time to fall giddily in love with Oh Wonder.

Oh Wonder - Midnight Moon

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