Wednesday 1 April 2015

Dive In - Eighteen

It’s a bit Naked & Famous. It’s a bit Prides. It’s a bit Passion Pit. It’s a bit Magic Man. It’s got these weird kooky vocals that have a hint of the androgynous about them. It’s got some big synth riffs. It’s got lyrics about being the long lost love of your teens. It’s sugared with an effervescent and joyous pop melody. It’s music to raise the spirits and give you hope. It’s music that is all the colours of the rainbow complete with a dancing leprechaun and a pot of gold at the end. It’s like the words sadness and despondency don’t exist. It’s music too take you to the stars and then some. 

That ladies and gentlemen is Eighteen the brand new song from Dive In, a band who appeared once on the blog way back in August 2013 and then promptly disappeared, until now. It’s good to have them back, albeit now they appear to be just a power trio (Mathew, Daniel and Adam) - previous promo shots from 2013 showed them as a four piece.

The song, which was produced by the band and Andy Green (Keane) and mixed by Alan Moulder (Royal Blood, The Killers, White Lies), is taken from their forthcoming 5 track EP on Vagrant Records. The band play London’s Lexington on the 5th August.

Dive In - Eighteen

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