Sunday 19 April 2015

Samm Henshaw - Redemption

Here at Breaking More Waves we don’t really have an authenticity button when it comes to music. We refuse to discern between ‘real’ and ‘manufactured’, only concerning ourselves with the ‘good’ and ‘bad’, these two categories being completely subjective of course.

Samm Henshaw will no doubt find favour with those who have the authenticity button firmly implanted and switched on to maximum in their brains, but really we’d like to think that anyone, from the snobby self-righteous d-i-y indie kid who refuses to listen to anything that has the potential to sell more than a couple of hundred copies and always believes their way is the right way, through to the plastic technicolour pop fan who just likes something they can sing or dance to, would be able to acknowledge Henshaw as a purveyor of good music. 

Having recently introduced you to Samm by way of the soulful Only Wanna Be With You last month, now we’re streaming the fantastic Redemption, a mix of gospel, soul and blues that puts this London based singer firmly in the category that’s almost becoming a bit of a cliché –  the ‘older than his years’ one - alongside the likes of George Ezra and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man. Redemption is the second track to be taken from Henshaw’s debut EP which is out on the 13th July. Samm  has been confirmed for this year’s Bushstock Festival on the 13th June.

Samm Henshaw - Redemption

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