Sunday 17 February 2013

Violet - Where The Wild Things Grow

Wow. Just wow. If you’ve been put off Pixie Geldof’s band Violet because, well, it’s Pixie Geldof, then it’s time to rethink your thinking. New track Where The Wild Things Grow is one of the most gorgeous string laden torch songs we’ve heard for some time. Although Geldof calls it ‘a rough demo’ believe us there’s absolutely nothing rough about this. There’s a cinematic and serene beauty in this song, capturing the essence of a certain Miss Del Rey and Mazzy Star without ever being a poor man’s version of either.

We’re posting this on a Sunday morning because its languorous loveliness seems perfect for that just waking up or just going to sleep weekend moment. Music isn’t just about listening to a song, it’s about feeling it. Immerse yourself in Where The Wild Things Grow and let it touch you.

Violet - Where The Wild Things Grow


Anonymous said...

I already loved her previous tracks but I must admit this one is really particular. Simple and beautiful. I'm never good at describing, and I'm so grateful for your post, it is perfectly done, describing exactly what I felt.

laurenmaria said...

I was out off this band for exactly that reason. This song is pretty good though I have to admit, good Sunday morning song