Friday 15 February 2013

London Grammar - Metal & Dust

Appearing seemingly out of the blue on pretty much every blog under the sun, Hey Now by London Grammar was a pretty impressive debut especially when, as it now seems, the track was only the B-Side of their debut 7” single Metal & Dust, which is released on the 25th February.

So now here we go with the lead track. Initially it’s easy to feel somewhat deflated, for the first two minutes sound like a fairly pedestrian piece of gentle soul, the sort of thing you’ll find on any number of chill-out compilations. Then as the song builds momentum, Hannah sings  “we argue we don’t fight”, the sound of sumptuous strings glide in and suddenly something special happens; we’re in a world not that far removed  from the brilliant Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack. That’s the point of take off. Fact: Unfinished Sympathy is one of the greatest songs ever written and if you’re even remotely close to the sheer wonder of that then that’s got to be some praise. Heading towards your record collection, soon. You can grab it quick by clicking here.

London Grammar will be playing Elektrowerkz in London on March 27 and are also confirmed for Camp Bestival at Lulworth Castle this summer so far.

London Grammar - Metal & Dust

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