Wednesday 20 February 2013

Public Service Broadcasting - Signal 30

This post is probably our most overdue ever. Public Service Broadcasting aka the wonderfully named  J. Willgoose, Esq. and Wrigglesworth are a band (band doesn’t seem the right word - project seems to suit them better) that have intrigued and engaged us with their past releases such as the strangely moving War Room EP and Everest, yet they’ve never made it onto the blog. The closest they got was on a playlist we compiled for Skeletory Blog which you can see and wrap your ears around here. Their eccentrically playful concoction of samples from public information films and archive footage combined with distinctive guitar sounds, electronics and drums have won them plenty of plaudits including many of our favourite blogs (The Metaphorical Boat and Alphabet Bands in particular have been big supporters) and the likes of Tom Robinson from BBC 6 Music and Janice Long on Radio 2. Without giving away too much of how votes were cast we can also reveal that PSB (yes they share their initials with one of our favourite electronic pop duo’s – hi Neil, hi Chris) also very nearly made the Blog Sound of 2013 long list. Oh, OK, we’ll admit it they were just one vote away from inclusion.

So today we’re righting our wrongs and tipping our hat in apology to Willgoose and Wrigglesworth as we feature their latest offering Signal 30. This time the vocal samples are from US road safety films including The Bottle & The Throttle and None For The Road. The last time we can remember a musical connection to road safety was pop DJ Jimmy Saville and his ‘clunk click every trip’ advert and in hindsight young people in the car probably had more to worry about than just a seatbelt, so it’s good to see Public Service Broadcasting bringing the thrills of speed and music back together in a far less worrying but exhilarating way. Signal 30 powers its way through three minutes and twenty seconds of foot to the floor guitar work that bodes extremely well for the bands mammoth 46 date tour starting this Thursday in Winchester. Breaking More Waves will be in attendance at that gig (as well as their Brighton show in May) so watch out for tweeted excitement over here.

The album Inform - Educate - Entertain is released on Test Card Recordings (probably the most appropriate name we could imagine for their label) on May 6th. Certainly in our case its release is highly anticipated.

Public Service Broadcasting - Signal 30

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