Thursday 14 February 2013

Tom Odell - Hold Me (Video)

Here’s the new video for Hold Me from Brits Critics Choice Award winner and more importantly (well to us anyway) Breaking More Waves One to Watch 2013 #6 Tom Odell.

Take a second to remember where you were and how you were feeling before you pressed play on this one; it’s important. For it’s the point where you make the momentous discovery that Tom Odell has made a radical change in direction. As you watch the video on the device of your choosing you will almost certainly be overcome with emotions in the same way that Dylan fans felt when he plugged in an electric guitar rather than an acoustic. 

For this (dramatic pause for effect)……. is the moment when Tom Odell abandons the chair and stands up.

Yes as unbelievable as it is, Tom Odell plays piano standing up on this one; at least for some of the time. At certain points he seems to have difficulty remaining on two feet, instead  crawling around on the floor (1.59) and there are moments in the video (such as at 0.50) where he does try to compromise a little so as not to alienate his original fans by seating his bottom down, which is odd because at other points (0.25 for example) there’s nothing to sit on, suggesting that someone failed on the continuity factor when it came to the piano stool in this video.

But then really nobody cares about these minor technical details like this on Valentine’s day do they? All we really want on this day of love is Tom Odell bashing away, looking at you in the eyes with deep meaningful intensity and as he does so and asking you to hold him. It’s a beautiful thing and ends with Tom spent and exhausted on the floor. Lovely.

Tom Odell - Hold Me (Video)

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