Friday 8 February 2013

Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition - #5 Autumn Owls

As we finish this 1 week series looking (and listening) to some of the acts that we’ve been enjoying as part of the Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent competition judging process, we cross the Irish sea to Dublin to find the rather intriguing Autumn Owls. Formed in 2007, the band has already released 2 EPs, titled Insomnia Lodge and On The Trail Of The Disappearing and in 2012 released their debut LP Between Buildings, Toward The Sea which contains the song Spider, the video of which we’re streaming below.

The music of Autumn Owls possesses a dark shadowy introspective edge to it. It’s unsettling and not always immediately accessible, but then really who wants all music to be easy? If that was the case we’d just end up with hundreds of Katy Perry’s. Actually, we find Katy Perry pretty unsettling, but that’s another story. Contained within the world of Autumn Owls is a strange and experimental beauty that gets under the skin given a few listens. Those who enjoy the likes of I Am Kloot and the slower more ambient songs of James will probably find something here to immerse themselves in.

If you want to hear the bands album in full, it streams on Bandcamp here.

Find out on March the 8th on the Glastonbury website if they are one of our chosen acts that  we select to make up the 120 longlist for the next stage of the competition or not. 

Autumn Owls - Spider (Video)

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