Friday 1 February 2013

Mmoths (featuring Holly Miranda) - All These Things

You know how sometimes a boy and a girl meet and they are so perfectly suited you wonder how they’d never got together before? But then you think about barriers like geography, situation and just plain old chance and realise that sometimes the best meetings of mind, body and soul take a little time? Well it’s like that with the music of Holly Miranda and Mmoths. Holly’s set of hypnotic smouldering lullabies known as The Magician’s Private Library may not be located in the world of laptops and sparse ambient synths like Jack Colleran, but both artists occupy a dreamy and otherworldly place that would almost inevitably produce lazy roads and pathways to glue them together. “You’ve been on my mind, now let me get in yours,” sings Holly dolefully and it just makes absolute sense.

This is All These Things, a radiophonic piece of downtempo electronica that provides spectral shivers and chills out of looped and distorted beauty from Mmoths. It’s kind of trippy, it’s kind of subdued and it’s kind of lovely.  

The track is taken from the new Mmoths EP Diaries which will be released on March 4th. Extra points for anyone who thinks that the picture in the Soundcloud player below reminds them a little of Suede's Dog Man Star LP cover.

Mmoths (featuring Holly Miranda) - All These Things

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