Wednesday 27 February 2013

AlunaGeorge - Attracting Flies

If an alien were to land in our hometown seaside city of Portsmouth right now and we tried to explain to him / her / it exactly what pop music in the UK sounded like in 2013 we’d probably put forward AlunaGeorge as an example. With a nod to r ‘n’b, a tip to slightly warped pop, a Frank Ocean cover under their belts, working with Disclosure (the other duo du jour) to produce a bona fide credible big hitter with White Noise and featuring on both the BBC Sound of 2013 and the Blog Sound of 2013 polls, AlunaGeorge are undoubtedly of the moment. Of course that could just mean that they’re a passing fad and if they are then that’s fine with us, not all pop music can last forever. In fact anyone who loves pop music will know that the joy of it is forgetting about all the other crap in our lives and finding happiness in a beat, a lyric, a chorus, a tune and just enjoying the moment. If we start cataloguing if the songs are still going to be relevant in a decades time or how they compare to ‘the classics’ like The Beatles or Bowie (although so far the new Bowie stuff is good isn’t it?) we’re in danger of becoming a dull music expert and that’s not very sexy is it? And we want our pop music to be sexy. We want it to make us dance.

And Attracting Flies makes us dance. That slightly wonky we haven’t really got a clue what we’re doing but we’re feeling it type dancing that everyone with no natural rhythm does, especially after a couple of drinks. And remember everyone – the rules of pop chapter 7.2 state that the way a person dances is probably similar to how they have sex. Girls, just remember that when you see the man of your dreams shuffling around in an embarrassed uncoordinated way on the nightclub dance floor.

Taken from the album Body Music forthcoming on the 1 July, Attracting Flies is released on March 10. 

AlunaGeorge - Attracting Flies

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