Monday, 3 September 2012

Wall - New Waves

“Knowing your taste, I think you’ll really like this.” Do you ever get people saying that to you about music? On occasion, we do. The results when we press play are often quite varied. Sometimes those recommendations are spot on, other times we’re left questioning if these people actually know us at all.

Which brings us to Wall.

Wall is the new project fronted by Lyla Foy, who has also made music under the names Oldwick and more recently Binko Swink. It was Wall that was put to us as the “you’ll like this” suggestion and although it wasn’t love at first listen, the delicate tone of Lyla’s vocal and the serene simplicity of the songs drew us in and gently coerced us to listen again.

What Wall have produced so far isn’t obvious pop music, with big hooky choruses and dramatic chord changes, instead it’s something with a sense of quiet intimacy and heartbreak. This is headphone music, perfectly suited to wrapping yourself up in a solitary moment and shutting the world away. When Lyla sings “rest your head down on my pillow and tell me it’s not the end,” it sounds so confessional, so close that it’s easy to begin to think that she really is singing to you.

The debut single is called Magazine and is out now via BCS records formed by the Black Cab Sessions video makers. It’s Wall’s performance of the song  No Secrets for the Black Cab Sessions that’s moved us most of all. We don’t know what your taste is, but the fact that you’re reading this suggests you might share some similarities with Breaking More Waves. Watch it and if you’re like us, feel that special magic that music, love and beauty create - it's truly wonderful. 

Wall - Magazine

Wall - No Secrets (Black Cab Session)

Black Cab Sessions - WALL from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

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