Thursday, 20 September 2012

Kal Lavelle - Gypsy Blood (Video)

In our wildest most sordid fantasies we wish that Breaking More Waves could be an out and out pop blog and just print pictures of N-Robz on repeat and provide a running commentary on the dance moves and number of You Tube views that Gangnam Style has had. But we can’t, because as much as we adore the carefree world of smash hits and shaggable pop culture, there’s a side of us that just wants something a bit melancholy, sad and introverted.

So today we’re featuring a new video for Gypsy Blood by Kal Lavelle, a song that we originally featured back in 2011 from her Shivers EP. A word of warning, this film will probably make you well up. Sorry to be the spoilsport but there is no happy ending in this one.

The video stars a powerful performance from Selina MacDonald who you may remember from Ed Sheeran’s A-Team. There’s something desperately sad about a couple who were once so in love and yet now when she simply reaches out to touch him it makes him jerk away like an electric shock. So get your hankies out, because with Kal’s emotional music and this simple but moving film, you might just have a little blub by the end.

Kal Lavelle - Gypsy Blood (Video)

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