Wednesday, 19 September 2012

2forJoy - Michaela

Yesterday on twitter we went into a sort of mini-blog meltdown. “Today is the first day ever in over 4 years that I feel like quitting the blog. Too tired, too much real life, bands taking the piss,” was the moan in 140 characters or less.

Later in the day, with great reluctance we opened our various blog inboxes. That’s when our hunger returned. For despite the incredible tiredness, for despite the lack of motivation to write anything about music ever again, it took just one press of play for our ears to be seduced by beauty. The moment of disheartenment was vanquished quicker than you can say now that’s what I call music.

Here is one of those reasons why we felt compelled to post again and why really there’s no chance of us stopping for a hell of a long time yet, even when everything is against us. This is why writing about music isn’t really a labour of love; it’s just a pure love.

Let us introduce to you the new song from 2forJoy (pictured above performing in the Swamp Shack at Bestival 2012); it’s called Michaela. If sultry downtempo vibes, silky vocals and a calm sense of purposefulness are what you look for in music, this will be an absolute treat for you as it is for us.

2forJoy - Michaela

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