Thursday, 6 September 2012

PartyClub - Those Girls

“There ain’t no party like an S Club Party,” someone sang once. They were probably right, after all we can’t imagine many parties where one of the female hosts starts off by asking boys to keep their eyes on them and then put one hand down their trousers, like this lady does.

Giving Rachel & Co a run for their money however are York's PartyClub, who sing about impressing the ladies through the joys of dancing on their new song Those Girls. “I put on those dancing shoes and those girls watch me as I throw my moves.”

Following on from Shake and Young & Free, Those Girls is a buoyant and breezy piece of feel-good indie pop. Who cares about the economic crisis, banker’s bonuses and the lack of faith in government when there’s (as another band once said) You! Me! Dancing!

PartyClub will be playing in London on the 11th September at the Buffalo Bar for Club Fandango. London - get ready for their indie bounce.

PartyClub - Those Girls

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