Monday, 17 September 2012

Duologue - Underworld

We mentioned the usual suspects of Radiohead and Aphex Twin when previously featuring Duologue on the blog back in 2010 (here) and 2011(here), so let’s move on with comparisons because we’re sure we’re all in agreement that every single piece of rock music written plagiarises something else, with intention or not. Instead let’s just focus on the important facts – this is a transcendent beaut of a tune.

With Jim Abbiss (Adele, Arctic Monkeys) at the controls Duologue’s Underworld finds the band finding a purposeful clarity in their sound.  The spotlight starts by shining on a lone anguished vocal and guitar until the track shape shifts into deep late night atmospherics, emotional solitary piano chords, clicks, beats and strings. This is spectral rock music for the modern age.

Duologue release Underworld as part of a double A side with another song Zeros through Killing Moon on October 29th and their next gig is on 26th September with Seasfire, The Vestals and H.A.M at the Bull and Gate, London.

Duologue - Underworld

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