Friday, 28 September 2012

Haim - Forever (The Knocks Remix)

How much do we love Haim right now?

Well if it was a choice between our family and the three LA sisters (and let’s not forget the man with a name that sounds like a film / porn star - Dash Hutton – on the drums) it would be a very close run thing. Hold on, let’s think about that a little more……

No. Sorry the family would have to go.

We suspect (actually we 100% know) that this will not be the last time you read about Haim on this blog. After all we’ve got end of year lists to create.

So here’s a remix. Now in theory, when we love a groups music, the idea of someone mucking around with it fills us with terror; but not with Haim. Because although Haim are a rock band (of sorts) they’re a rock band that make you dance. Stupidly. Sweatily. Possibly taking off your clothes and declaring your undying love at the same time.

So a remix that simply ramps up the dance element of Haim’s brilliant Forever (one of our songs of the year) is absolutely fine. So absolutely fine that we fully expect you to be down to your underwear by the time this track finishes. 

Haim - Forever (The Knocks Remix)

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