Thursday, 22 July 2010

Still Corners - Endless Summer

Still Corners are one of those bands that have started appearing on many blogs over the last few days. If you're a blog surfer - we apologise - you've heard this all before. Probably. If not, don't worry, we're like that third bus that comes along in less than a minute - but you've only just arrived at the bus stop.

With a song like Endless Summer, Still Corners tick all the right boxes to get the hipsters, the indie kids, the chill wave dudes and the muso lovers all quivering with weak-kneed love at the same time. We’re all human, we all feel the same highs, lows and emotional pulls; sometimes it is inevitable that a song or a sound will speak to more than just one clan, if indeed clans exist at all these days.

The word that best describes Endless Summer is vague. Not as in ‘haven’t got a clue’, but in the context of the song sounding blurry, blissed and hallucinogenic. Like the smudged dreamy sound of Beach House or the sixties ghost-film soundtracks of Broadcast perhaps, all given a sepia-tinged church-like makeover. It’s a piece of celestial pop music that floats along with breathy female vocals, vintage organ and ends with the entry of some shadowy shoegazey guitars. It's like falling back into soft cotton sheets on a Sunday, staring up at the blankness of the ceiling and enjoying the moment. Or casting yourself out into the sea at night, on your back, looking at the stars. Really rather lovely.

Endless Summer is available below. It is also available on a limited edition Fierce Panda compilation entitled Gruff Trade. The band play the Shoreditch 1234 Festival this weekend.

Still Corners: Endless Summer by brilliantlydifferent

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