Thursday, 1 July 2010

Morning Parade - Marble Attic

The band pictured above are Morning Parade. Trust us, they are, although really they could be anyone couldn't they ? Although possibly not Girls Aloud or Kylie Minogue. With this 'from the back of the venue' publicity shot we guess Morning Parade are not quite as photogenic as Cheryl, Nicola etc or Kylie. Maybe future publicity shots will prove us wrong, but we suspect not. But it's all about the music isn't it ? We're not a fashion or beauty blog.

Morning Parade do big tunes. Correction. Morning Parade run a master class in BIG tunes. Tunes that have an vast rock dynamic that embraces soaring indie guitars and the odd moment of fluttering keyboard. Morning Parade are the type of band that will make your average indie rock kid get very excited and head straight to the mosh pit, sweating and flailing in unrestrained joy whilst shouting "This is more like it. Better than all that Marina and Ellie Goulding rubbish." They would of course be wrong about the Ellie and Marina bit, but then not everyone can be right all the time.

Morning Parade are a five piece from Essex, who have played supports with the likes of Feeder, Ash and Reverend and the Makers. They have bottles of fist pumping, adrenalin shot bravado that quench the thirst of those who like energetic and immediately accessible indie rock. We could see them sitting very neatly on the play list of XFM and getting the thumbs up from the likes of Zane Lowe - in fact Lowe has already done so.

Morning Parade will be exploding with a gallop at a number of UK festivals this summer. If you’re at Nozstock, Latitude, Truck or Underage Festival you can catch them there. In the meantime click the arrow below to let Marble Attic by Morning Parade into your world as a free download and for now at least, just imagine what they look like.

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Four Wheel Fools said...

Saw only the last song of this band's set at Latitude due to a clash on another stage.
The one song I heard happens to be Marble Attic.
Walking through the Henham Park woodland towards this rock & electro mix on the Sunrise Stage was a new Latitude experience. Just wish I'd seen the whole set