Thursday, 8 July 2010

Mopp - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

It’s Scotland’s biggest music festival this weekend - T in the Park. Unfortunately the weather forecast doesn’t look that good so we suggest wellies are an essential or even better stay at home and watch it on the TV. Whilst the masses will be singing along to the likes of Eminem, Muse and Kasabian, our attention is on the smaller stages and artists that are just starting out. Hopefully some of these acts will benefit from downpours with punters suddenly finding indoor stages more agreeable. One name that takes our fancy is on the T Break Stage. He’s a young man called Barry.

We’re not sure if Barry is a particularly great name for a pop star. Especially if your surname is Mopp. But at least you could invent a new genre around the name - Mopp Pop. We could also make some really bad jokes about Mopp cleaning up, but that would just be dirt cheap. So let’s talk about the music of Mopp instead, rather than just wheeling out tired old clichés and puns. Our day job isn’t comedy. You can probably tell.

This Scottish producer, musician and vocalist is a multi talented boy. Hailing from Alloa which he describes as “a horrible little village,” he produces highly contemporary electronic tunes that mix elements of dance and pop in an incredibly smooth way. A Day Needs More Love sounds like the ice cream cool child of The Killers circa Human and pretty much any of Hurts big ballads. Another track Dream About You has a soulful vocal delivery and gradually building, softly threatening layers of electronica that finally let loose once the beat kicks in. Then there’s Hold On which sounds a little like La Roux fronting a Calvin Harris track, with stop-start synths that will get even the most stuck in the mud festivalite grooving. Mopp’s songs take flight both literally and figuratively.

His debut single Everything is released on 26th July and throws in a slab of pulsing house that reminds us a little of Faithless combined with a pop sensibility. It’s a highly promising start. Come on gang, hands in the air, it’s Mopp.

A Day Needs More Love streams below.

MOPP feat. Stevie - A Day Needs More Love (Radio Edit) by MOPP


Scryst said...

Really like this. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

Cheers. Mopp is good. Looking forward to hearing more.