Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Futuristic Retro Champions - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

Scottish electro pop is going great guns at the moment. Just a few days ago we introduced the rather fabulous Mopp, now here’s another exciting gang of synth kids from the northern quarters. Whilst Mopp is utterly modern and luscious, this band have a very old school indie sensibility about them. Consisting of three girls and one boy, Glasgow’s Futuristic Retro Champions spell out what they do with their name. Modern pop with an old fashioned twist, their bubbly songs are mighty fine. Their song Jenna from their free LaChunky EP is a sparkling, soda-pop piece of indie that reminds us of Lauren Laverne’s Kenickie with added all-girl Scots accented vocals. Kitten With A Loaded Gun is just as good (we'd almost say awesome, but they're not there yet - very few bands are) - but it is certainly happy-clapping, bob till you drop brilliant. Then there’s the funky hyperactive lollipop of Strawberries & Vodka Shots which references teen-c Scots wonderkids Bis and an adrenalin filled Strawberry Switchblade in its sound. Get them from the bands Bandcamp below for free.

The bands new single - a double A side, with artwork designed by Turner prize winning artist Martin Creed takes Futuristic Retro Champions in a more danceable direction. May The Forth (which is streaming below) in particular is great - a euphoric club-bound hands piece of exaltation, with bittersweet lyrics of a disappearing youth “watching you dance is giving me a second chance to feel young again.” It's one to throw the hands in the air to.

Futuristic Retro Champions provide perky, glittering tunes ready for the disco floor. Indie kids can dig them, but so can the ravers. Like a bag of sweet electro-pop Maltesers, they almost have something for everyone.

You can download the LaChunky EP for free here

Then enjoy the more club-bound sound of the song May The Forth which streams here.

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