Monday, 4 November 2013

The Night VI - Music Sounds Better With You

Got your disco shoes on? Ok, let’s dance, because to re-word a Los Campesinos! lyric, there’s nothing better than you, us and dancing. OK, we’ll admit that in the Breaking More Waves camp food and sex are pretty splendid as well, but this is a music blog and despite our sometimes desperate attempts to shoehorn those two subjects into every analogy, metaphor and pun we can think of, ultimately we’re here to add to the conversation about music, not writing about stuffing our faces and shagging. As Shakespeare once said, if music be the food of love, play on.

So here’s today’s tune to dance to. It’s by previous Breaking More Waves Ones To Watch 2013 The Night VI and it’s the third in a series of six covers that the band are releasing to the world. It’s one of our favourite disco tracks – play this alongside Spiller’s Groovejet and all sorts of mayhem will break loose from our hips down (oh - back on those sex references again). With Daft Punk and Chic & Nile Rogers back in currency (blimey – who ever thought you’d see Nile on the X Factor supplying the riffs for Dermot O’Leary’s dad dance moves?) this version of Music Sounds Better With You is perfectly timed.

This song was chosen by harpist, vocalist and visual artist Anna who states: “From 1998's summer all I can remember is France winning the World Cup against Brazil (trois-zero) my tough big brother crying when Colombia got disqualified and French supergroup Stardust topping the charts with their one off hypnotic and sublime dance track Music Sounds Better With You. She then goes on to explain that in choosing to cover the song the band was faced with a dilemma. How did they take a song with no verses and translate it for a band who don't play house music? The solutions was to incorporate some of Stardust’s sampled inspiration - Chaka Khan's Fate. Thus they end up with a Russian doll arrangement - a cover within a cover.

The Night VI - Music Sounds Better With You

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