Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Isobel Anderson - Little Sounds Of Pain

Tinnitus, the term used to describe a sound a person can hear from inside their body be it buzzing, whistling or humming, is something that those who play in noisy rock bands are extremely susceptible to. Yet you probably wouldn’t expect Isobel Anderson, a quiet acoustic singer songwriter, who we’ve featured a number of times on the blog, revealing that she suffers from the condition.

Taking those sounds in her ears Isobel has put music and words together to sing about her affliction in this song, Little Sounds of Pain. “Should I sing it out? Would it free me?” she questions in her warm soulful voice against a backing of plucked strings and violin. 

Alongside Gentleman (previously blogged here) Little Sounds of Pain sets a very high watermark and suggests that Isobel’s forthcoming album In My Garden is definitely not going to be full of bangers about being ‘in da club’ (hurrah) but instead a lyrically engaging work full of melody and musicality.

100% of all download sales of this song go to The British Tinnitus Association, so you can support the work they do by buying the track here.

Isobel Anderson - Little Sounds Of Pain

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