Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Avec Sans - Shiver

An electronic pop song called Shiver? Go on then, who is going to be the first clichéd journo type to write lots of words about icy synth sounds, glacial pop and shoehorn the word winter into the text somewhere? Actually, we probably would have ourselves (we secretly love a good cliché) if it wasn’t for the fact that somewhere around the 3 minutes 10 seconds mark there’s a rather warming hum / buzz which for the musos amongst you we’re reliably informed by the band themselves is a Juno.

Here at Breaking More Waves we’ve never really done muso -we don’t really get our kicks from being able to tell you what drum machine is used on a particular track or what sequencer is creating a particular er… sequence. Instead we like to explain how music makes us feel. So here we go with Shiver by Avec Sans, which incidentally isn’t an electropop cover version of Coldplay’s debut minor hit single.

Shiver makes us feel exhilarated. Not in an instant fist-in-the-air BIG YES way. It’s a bit too cool (oh, nearly a cold cliché there) and complex for that at the start. But as it progresses and takes flight we feel ourselves getting just a little bit carried away. Those hands that were by our sides have slowly risen to touch the sky, our eyes are shut and in our imaginations we’re dancing on clouds. Shiver is absolutely glorious. BUY IT. (Oh hold it’s absolutely free to download. Wow).

Avec Sans - Shiver

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