Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ones To Watch 2014 - #9 Eva Stone

Our penultimate one to watch is Eva Stone. Eva has a voice that doesn’t just make us go weak at the knees but makes them crumble to dust. 

She’s appeared on the blog before, but you may not recognise her name; the sharp eared amongst you will however find a strong similarity to this lady, because Amy and Eva are one and the same. So why the name change?

“I’ve had this question many times…I think people struggled with it a little at first because I’d been so, present, should I say, with my real name. But this decision wasn’t whimsical or sudden. I’ve always wanted to change my name, and it was my decision alone. I mean, stage wise, people hear it and remember it more. The timing of the change really represented where I was at too, what with my move to London, to writing and developing my songs to something that people maybe aren’t too familiar with (for me). It wasn’t a change in my music though, or in myself. The name is more of me becoming who I want to be,” she recently told Hunger TV.

Irrespective of if Eva is called Amy, Julie, Barbie or Scrubber, we really don’t care – she has the voice, a full bodied and magnificent voice that creates magic. Now what we have to hope for is that she can deliver the songs. She's certainly made an impressive start with This Is and it's for that reason that we’re naming her as One to Watch for 2014. Prepare to be wowed with both the beautiful piano version on Soundcloud and an acoustic guitar version on You Tube.

Eva Stone - This Is

Eva Stone - This Is (Video)

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