Monday, 4 November 2013

Broods - New Waves

Welcome to the Lorde effect. When a country with a population far less than our own capital city of London suddenly produces one of the most interesting new global popstars of 2013, it’s inevitable that our eyes and ears start twitching and wondering what other musicians are waiting to be unearthed on the other side of the world. (You may remember we also featured New Zealand artist FFFRRANNNO in October.)

One answer comes in the form of Georgia and Caleb Nott, a brother and sister from Auckland, who as a musical duo adopt the name of Broods. Both Georgia and Caleb were formerly members of the now disbanded group The Peasants who produced the rather pleasing pop / rock tune Letting Go (video here).

Broods debut track is Bridges, a song that sounds utterly contemporary; with its simple piano, big sweeping synths, gentle electronic drum sounds and soft vocals courtesy of Georgia, it glides into a world of comfort and hypnotic sighing pop beauty. Sometimes things come to an end and ties have to be severed, and when that happens this is the perfect tune for that moment. “Now we’re burning all the bridges now, watching it go up in flames.”

Oh and guess what. Bridges was produced by Lorde collaborator Joel Little. That man seems to be helping craft some of the world’s most adorable pop right now.

Broods - Bridges

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Chris said...

Blown away - by the fact New Zealand has a smaller population than London.

More geography facts on Breaking More Waves please!

PS: That tune ain't half bad either.