Thursday, 3 October 2013

Saint Raymond - Everything She Wants

Back in July we introduced Saint Raymond and suggested that he was unlikely to be ‘big on the blogs’ but might do very well anyway. A couple of months on and a quick check on Hype Machine shows that besides Breaking More Waves just one further blog listed on the world’s finest music blog aggregator has featured a Saint Raymond MP3. So at least part of our statement is holding true.

Today we’re upping the blog seal of approval quota and posting a further track from Callum Burrows’ (he who is Saint Raymond) recent Escapade EP. Everything She Wants is another dose of upbeat, guitar tuneage with accessible pop sensibilities where he sings of the girl that rules his heart. “If I could give her, give her, everything she wants, if I could show her, show her, everything she needs,” he pines. So that will be good old lust / love making him feel slightly inadequate then. Maybe he needs some self-esteem lessons from Kanye West?

We’re looking forward to see if any more blogs jump on board with Saint Raymond in the next few months, particularly as today he announced that he’ll be supporting Haim on their upcoming tour of UK and Europe, which will raise his profile further.  However, irrespective of if they do or don’t, with recent sold out headline gigs in London, Nottingham and Bristol the trajectory of Saint Raymond seems upward anyway.

Saint Raymond - Everything She Wants

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