Tuesday, 15 October 2013

astronomyy - New Waves

Earlier this year the blogs went into buzz overload with a new artist called astronomyy (yes, no capital letter at the start - deal with it grammar police) but here at Breaking More Waves we weren’t convinced. To our ears his music sounded like Eric Clapton trying to be ‘relevant’; r ‘n’ b dad rock was a phrase that came to mind. Despite the spacious casting of the sound the guitar solo on Don’t Need You sounded horrendously self-indulgent and Things I’d Do For You sounded drippy, making us want to shout “man up” at whoever astronomyy is. Categorising his music as surf / R&B and stating that his soul was written in H†ML should have hit our seaside referencing internet based preferences perfectly, but it didn’t.

So when we reluctantly pressed play on his new track Drivin Me Crazy yesterday we weren’t expecting much and for the first 20 odd seconds nothing altered our perceptions. Then that changed. For although astronomyy’s voice is still featherweight, Drivin Me Crazy uses guitars that sound sexy and thrilling, the beats are slick and the production is spot on. It’s very zeitgeisty of course, but it does something for us. This is slinky. 

Somewhere someone is probably making love to this song right now (chances are they write a music blog).

Go on then, maybe we were wrong at first. Just maybe. This is blog sex.

astronomyy - Drivin Me Crazy

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