Monday, 28 October 2013

Mogwai - Remurdered

Just in time for Halloween the new Mogwai tune sounds like it’s taken from a soundtrack to a lost Dario Argento film. It's the first piece of music to be lifted from forthcoming album Rave Tapes. Can you ever imagine raving to Mogwai? If you can they must be some seriously freaky drugs you’re on - they're certainly not a band that we'd expect to be twerking in da club on a Friday night to. (Note - you're probably unlikely to find us twerking in da club on any night, especially Friday).

Remurdered was produced by Paul Savage with whom the band worked on Mogwai Young Team (the album which contains Mogwai Fear Satan - our favourite Mogwai tune of all time) and Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. If anyone is still banding Mogwai as a ‘post-rock’ band this one will surely get them to rethink; dark, ominous and creepy sounding, Remurdered has just rekindled our interest and love of Mogwai by about three thousand percent.

Now can someone please make a super scary video with witches, blood and horrible screaming deaths to accompany this tune please?

Mogwai - Remurdered

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