Friday 15 March 2013

The Other Tribe - We Should Be Dancing

Yes, we can all get a bit lost and down in our troubles sometimes can’t we? Everyone’s allowed to go a bit emo now and then - it's OK to do that. Yet according to The Other Tribe on their new track We Should Be Dancing, injecting a bit of rhythm into the bloodstream is one of the best medicines to chase the blues away. With a big clattering percussive edge and tribal house feel this free track from Bristol’s facepainted answer to Friendly Fires and the Klaxons fast forwards us to summer time, sunny festivals and even sunnier smiles. And isn't there just a hint of Depeche Mode in the bass line of this song? We think so.

Like this? Head over to the bands Facebook and grab it as a free download.

The band have a number of confirmed dates in April and May which you can see here and keep an ear out for future forthcoming single Summer Love, which we’re secretly hoping is going to be some sort of weird fresh-faced disco blaster rehash of Summer Nights from Grease. That would be interesting.

The Other Tribe - We Should Be Dancing

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