Thursday 7 March 2013

Indiana - Bound (Video)

The darker side of pop has always been pretty damn arousing and Bound, Indiana’s erotic tale of domination and submission, got us very stimulated when we first streamed it back in January. Now she’s added a visual accompaniment and it doesn’t disappoint either.

When you’re singing about the more adventurous side of sex what better than to shoot a video where you appear to get naked? We’re not so sure about the clip of the tape across Indiana’s mouth (after all we want her to be able to sing, not make muffled grunt sounds) but then analysing that a bit more, would you really want someone singing to you whilst you were getting down and dirty with each other? Wouldn’t it just feel a bit awkward?

Girls (or boys if that’s what takes your fancy) imagine Justin Timberlake bursting into Sexyback or even worse Cry Me A River just as you were arriving at that eyes-fluttering lips-reddening moment? It wouldn’t really work would it? And as much as we enjoy Ellie Goulding’s tunes and on occasion find her quite attractive, if by some strange chance we found ourselves rolling around the bedroom with her we certainly wouldn’t want her doing that throaty Bonnie Tyler ‘woah-oh’ warble that she does on Anything Could Happen just as things were getting a bit sweaty and intense. So, if you’re dating a pop star or potential pop star our advice is always keep a bit of Duck Tape in your bag. You never know when you might need it. Thanks Indiana for helping us think that one through.

Indiana - Bound (Video)

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