Saturday 30 March 2013

The Good Natured - Lovers

One of the beauties of writing a music blog is that everything is time stamped and dated, so it’s like a little miniature musical history book, complete with embarrassing writing and bad music selections, for everyone to look back on. Having said that when we glance over our shoulder at past chapters of Breaking More Waves we’re pretty content with what we’ve done. Sure in hindsight there may be the odd artist or two who we would have rather not fallen in love with, but that’s just like real relationships isn’t it? Everyone has an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend that brings the statement “what was I thinking,” to the brain in their past. If they haven’t they haven’t lived.

Thankfully since we first became a little bit infatuated with The Good Natured back in March 2009, we’ve had no reason to shake our head in despair. We’re still lovers, not haters and our patience is soon to be rewarded with (finally) a debut album called Prism. From it comes this appropriately titled new song called Lovers which sounds a little like it has come straight out of a glossy 80’s teen movie. “You and I could be lovers, but you and I will never be in love,” declares Sarah McIntosh. Ouch. There’s no doubt who is in control here in this energetic and saucy romp from the opening lines about being on top to the lines “come on boy I’m taking over, time to play my game.” We're assuming that game isn't Scrabble or Top Trumps, but whatever it is Sarah is boss it seems.

Lovers is free to download now. Do it and sex up your life.

The Good Natured - Lovers

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