Thursday 14 March 2013

George Maple - New Waves

The name George Maple doesn’t really sound like it was made for a pop star does it? A waffle or sweet manufacturer perhaps, or maybe even a supplier of innovative kitchen gadgets, but not a rather cool Australian vocalist who has recently moved to the UK.

Of course George Maple isn’t the singer’s real name, in reality she’s Jess Higgs and you may have stumbled across her voice on the discotastic Flight Facilities song Foreign Language. Maple’s slinky tones can also be found on a collaborative effort with fellow Australian Flume and a song called Bring You Down. A third opportunity for giving her voice some ear love came on a song called Uphill, her debut solo single released last year.

However, for the uninitiated this is Maple’s first appearance on Breaking More Waves and we’re streaming her forthcoming single Fixed which is released through Tuluum Records on April 15 as well as the video for Uphill. Taking the same reference points as Jessie Ware (in fact every time we hear Uphill we can’t really believe that it isn’t a new Jessie Ware track) Maple’s sound takes a light minimalist touch allowing the beats and vocals to do much of the work, even if that work is relatively restrained. It’s very of the moment, very late night seductive and very non-kitchen gadgety. There you are George, use that one on your future press releases. “Very non-kitchen gadgety – Breaking More Waves.” 

George Maple - Fixed

George Maple - Uphill (Video)

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