Sunday 24 March 2013

Savages - She Will

There’s a lot to be said for a great guitar riff. A noisy blast of ear hammering sonic aggression that manages to be both beautiful and ugly at the same time. Here Savages get it just right. Dark, callous and unflinchingly sexy She Will grabs the physical core of their live shows and transfers it directly to the studio, no messing. It’s already been posted all over the blogosphere this week, but to hell with our ‘lateness’, we’ve been busy elsewhere. With 48k plays on You Tube at the time of writing we reckon there’s still a big slice of the world’s music lovers who haven’t heard it.

The band recently uploaded this statement to their website. “SAVAGES is not trying to give you something you didn’t have already, it is calling within yourself something you buried ages ago, it is an attempt to reveal and reconnect your PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL self and give you the urge to experience your life differently, your girlfriends, your husbands, your jobs, your erotic life and the place music occupies in your life. Because we must teach ourselves new ways of POSITIVE MANIPULATIONS, music and words are aiming to strike like lightning, like a punch in the face, a determination to understand the WILL and DESIRES of the self. This album is to be played loud in the foreground." SAVAGES, 2013

Turn it up loud, annoy the fuck out of everyone who hears it, dance to it, fuck to it, embrace it with your cold hard cash. Pre-order the album (due May) here.

“She will forget her pain, she will come back again, get hooked on loving hard, forcing the slut out!”

“She will, she will, she will, she will, she will, SHE WILL!”

This is our favourite Savages song yet.

Savages - She Will (You Tube Music Stream Only)

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