Thursday 28 March 2013

Float Fall - New Waves

We all know that well worn cliché about how sometimes if you are looking for love, the best place to find it is often right under your nose? It often applies to discovering new music as well. Yesterday we spent a seriously long amount of time (four hours to be exact) wading through the blog in-box trying to experience that punch the air moment of elation that comes from unearthing something new that's absurdly brilliant. We failed.

Then just as we were about to give up, we remembered a pretty and melodic pop song we heard a few days back courtesy of Belgian music blog extraordinaire Disco Naïveté. The track in question is called Someday and the band is called Float Fall. This special duo has created one of those tunes that just sounds exquisitely familiar on the very first listen. Yes, it's a comfort blanket of a pop song, but one that we're happy to have the security of. 

From the cute boy-girl vocals, the tiptoe piano, soft pitter-patter beats, underlying simplicity of the keyboard backing and guitars that grow from nothing to something vaguely reminiscent of Coldplay’s Fix You (the second time that song gets a mention on this blog in a week) we challenge you not to immediately fall in love with it. We've read a number of comparisons with The XX on blogs, which we don't really hear, except for the fact that the song uses some simple electronic beats and has male and female voices. If anything the sweet vocals remind us more of The Beautiful South on their huge UK hit A Little Time. 

It took a number of wasted hours to prompt our brain to remember that the needle in the haystack wasn’t in the haystack at all, but in our back pocket just waiting to be pulled out. We’re glad we remembered eventually. This is lovely.

Float Fall - Someday

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