Sunday 24 March 2013

Georgia Ruth - A Week of Pines (Video)

Whereas much of the modern world shares its life story through photographs uploaded onto social media websites, Georgia Ruth’s video for her new song Week of Pines visits the nearly forgotten slide show. Even although we’re watching the slides through the medium of You Tube there’s something richly personal and nostalgic about the experience. It focusses on shared family times and how through the ages, whatever format we view those memories on the same things remain important; travel, holidays, pets, cars, relatives and the like. The video will probably make you giggle as Georgia involves herself in the slides – we particularly like the donkey riding shot.

There’s a discussion to be had about how Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with their ‘like’ cultures and science of social peer pressure have changed the importance of photographs ( in the past ‘status’ photographs of your breakfast / lunch / evening meal or a drunk night out with friends would have arguably held a lot less value than they do now) but this is a music blog, so let’s not get too distracted on such arguments.

The song itself, which is the title track of her forthcoming album due May 20th is a bit of a beauty. There’s a soft relentless beat (matched by the pace of the slides), delicate harp and of course Georgia’s lilting to die for vocal. On this basis we can’t wait to hear the whole body of work which was recorded over six days last August at Snowdonia’s Bryn Derwen studios and features members of Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog amongst the musicians. 

Georgia Ruth - A Week Of Pines 

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