Sunday 4 October 2020

24 Hour Blogathon - Zig Zag - Do Better

This post is part of a 24 hour blogathon (conducted after a 10 mile run) in support of Solent Mind, a mental health support charity. I would be really grateful if you would help by sponsoring me and help raise some funds for the charity. You can find my sponsorship page by clicking this link. 

As I’ve now been awake for 25 hours and have also done a 10 mile run in that time period I’ve reached the stage where I’m not really sure about anything anymore. But what I do know is that to keep me going I need something hell-raising, rowdy and loud. 

Which is where this Australian band called Zig Zag fit in. Are they any good? Right now I really don’t know. I think they probably are, but everything seems a little off centre in my sleep deprived brain so I can’t fully trust my judgement. Press play and make your own mind up, but they’re certainly helping wake me up.

Zig Zag - Do Better

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