Saturday 3 October 2020

24 Hour Blogathon - Millie Turner - Eye Of The Storm

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We’ve already had a track called Before The Storm Hits on the blog today, so it seems appropriate to feature the new one from Millie Turner which is titled Eye of the Storm. You might remember Millie from the rather spiffing pop tune Jungle or the equally good She Was A Dancer a couple of years ago?

Apparently there’s a mixtape in the works, which in an ideal world I’d like to be an actual mixtape sen t to us all by 2nd class mail or purchased from Our Price or Woolworths, but I think what we’ll get in reality is a bunch of tracks that aren’t quite an album on streaming services which isn’t really a mix tape at all; but that’s the way language evolves I guess.

Eye of the Storm is a propulsive little thing – a pop tune that sounds like it’s building to a big drop or an explosion but never quite does. This is a good thing. It keeps us wanting more yet gives us enough. That includes a hooky little earworm of a melody.

Millie Turner - Eye Of The Storm

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