Saturday, 3 October 2020

24 Hour Blogathon - 10 Mile Run Completed. Now The Writing Bit (And A Few Notes / Rules)

This is my first live post of this 24 hour Blogathon. It's the start of the next part of my sponsored endurance test, having completed a 10 mile run on the seafront and streets of Portsmouth and Southsea earlier this morning. (Proof in the form of my fitbit data above). You can read more about why I'm doing this in my previous post that I uploaded just before I set out on the run this morning by clicking here.

It wasn’t the nicest of runs – all summer I've been training for this in good weather, more normally having to cope with keeping cool and wearing sunglasses with low sunrises and sunsets on the seafront. Today it was all about the rain. Cold, wet, damp, splashing through puddles and a t-shirt that was so saturated with water it clung to me like an unwanted lover. However, despite the weather I felt pretty good all the way round and the nagging injuries I've picked up recently and the bit of a cold I seemed to be developing yesterday came to nothing and I am pleasantly surprised at how OK I feel at the end of it. I'm not a natural runner, in fact I'm not a natural anything, I often get a bit of imposter syndrome be it doing my day job, writing this blog, running or anything else I turn my hand to. There always seems to be people who can do it better / easier / quicker etc. However, I do believe that if you work at something you can become reasonably OK at it and this is how I feel about today's run. I didn't struggle. It was fine. Just a bit wet. But I did it. 

Before I get going properly on phase 2 of this project (a 24 hour blogathon) I just wanted to lay down a few rules that I’m going to try and stick by for this part of the challenge.

First, I won’t be rushing this. I’ll be going slow and steady. For my own physical and mental well being I will be taking lots of breaks. In every hour of the 24 hours I will take at least 10 minutes out to stretch my tired legs. I will also take full breaks of around half to a full hour at lunch time, dinner time and probably some time around midnight to 1am. The week leading up to today has been very busy and my body was already physically and mentally tired before the run, let alone now, so I don’t want to over-do it (if I haven't already done so).

Besides writing music blog posts I’ll be listening to new music and posting stuff on Twitter. So, if you want to follow me there at @BMWavesBlog and send me messages of support that will be much appreciated. I’ll try to reply to messages but bear with me.

Spelling, grammar and good writing absolutely reserves the right to go out the window. Especially at 4am.

And that’s it. Except to say, if you can please sponsor me for doing this thing by clicking here and help support Solent Mind.

OK here we go…..

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