Sunday 4 October 2020

24 Hour Blogathon - Romy - Lifetime

This post is part of a 24 hour blogathon (conducted after a 10 mile run) in support of Solent Mind, a mental health support charity. I would be really grateful if you would help by sponsoring me and help raise some funds for the charity. 

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As I get towards the end of this 24 hour Blogathon it’s becoming quite a struggle. Not to stay awake, but to find new music that I can stand behind and post with full support.

It’s why the posts are slowing down.

However, I’ve only just realised that an obvious banger that I wanted to post has somehow slipped through the net. But better late than never, here’s the new solo single from Romy Madley Croft from The XX - now going just by the name of Romy. There’s an important distinction here. Romy’s positioning herself in the same arena as Kylie, Adele, Beyonce etc – those artists that are big enough to not need a surname because we the lowly public still know who they are.

And guess what? With Lifetime Romy absolutely justifies it. This could have so easily been a step back, a sub rate version of The XX – all gloomy minimalism but without Jamie XX’s beats. Instead Romy heads straight for the dance floor and smashes it with 100% confidence, with just the right amount of euphoria without it ever turning into a cliché. Forget the black clothes and shy furtive looks, this is all strobes, lasers, flashing lights and glittery covered smiling faces shimmying and swaying to the bass and beats. 

Romy - Lifetime

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