Saturday 3 October 2020

24 Hour Blogathon - Avec Sans - Altitude

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F*cking hell. This is brilliant.

I’ve been a long standing fan of Avec Sans and their left of centre edgy and scissor sharp electronic pop and Altitude, their first new track in some time, reminds me exactly why. A futuristic slab of stuttering hacked up computerisations stitched together by what sounds like the maddest of music professors,it’s bonkers, but brilliant. It was written in the direct aftermath of an earthquake experienced from the 16th floor of a Tokyo hotel, subsequent landslides and emergency evacuations the band encountered as they travelled across Japan and it certainly makes the ground at Breaking More Waves HQ tremble.

There’s perhaps some similarity to the Mercury nominated Charli XCX album How I’m Feeling Now insofar as this is the sort of stuff that the dreaded ‘real music’ fans (who essentially define real music as anything played with a guitar) will stick daggers in their ears if they have to listen to it – and that’s fine with me.

For the rest of us, Altitude sounds even better loud on headphones, so try it like that.

Since I last featured Avec Sans on the blog they’ve morphed into a three piece, with Alice and Jack now joined by the interestingly named Willow Sellers. There is a new album coming and all being well a London show is scheduled for next May 21st at The Grace

More of this please Avec Sans. This is how I'd like all pop music to sound like in the future.

Avec Sans - Altitude

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